Compliance Training

Skillsoft compliance training addresses more than 500 risk topics across 29 languages—providing one of the largest global libraries of legal coverage, ethics training, and workplace safety training available.

Today, Skillsoft protects over 1,600 organizations, including many Fortune 500 companies. In the last three years, we trained more than 25 million users and have a satisfaction rating of 96% from our learners.

We understand organizational risks vary, and so do content needs. So, depending on your unique level of risk, we offer a range of content and program types – from off the shelf, to completely customized, each solution is tailored to impact workforce performance and enable an organization to achieve a compliance transformation.

Whether starting out with basic regulation training or embedding compliance into your business strategy, Skillsoft is here to help you identify the right learning content and approaches that will focus on behavior and culture change to reap the full business benefits of investments in compliance training.

In order to support all learners, our training addresses every learning type, regardless of whether or not they are an auditory, visual, or kinesthetic learner. Our eLearning modalities include courseware, videos, skill briefs and job aids. In addition, our content can be delivered via desktop, mobile, Skillsoft content management platforms or a third party LMS.

Additionally, our compliance platform is designed to integrate on-the-job training to meet certain state and federal regulations.

Check out a sample of the new, modern video design in our latest Workplace Harassment Prevention course. As always, Skillsoft continues to keep learner engagement and retention at the center of our design.

Compliance Training Video

Experience comprehensive topic coverage from the leader in global compliance training.

Compliance-Centric Technology

Our industry-leading platform is built from the ground up to support critical compliance functionality. With Skillsoft, organizations are provided a customizable, cloud-based platform that makes training, curriculum management, and reporting flexible, convenient, and cost-effective.

Multi-Modal Training Types

Our library includes courseware, videos, skill briefs and job aids to deliver organizations flexible options to better train and reinforce critical knowledge. Easily supplement compliance micro-learning to support and reinforce formal training, or use as a standalone option to address critical risk and safety topics.

Optimized Learning Styles

In order to support all learners, training is developed around key instructional design characteristics to address every learning type including auditory, visual and kinesthetic learners. Content engages learners to accelerate ethical and safety workplace practices across an organization.

Reliable Global Coverage

Compliance content is developed to meet the needs of global organizations, including unique cultural relativism across dynamic environments. Materials are developed in partnership with industry-leading compliance experts to ensure customers receive up-to-date, relevant and reliable content.

Compliance Training

Is Your Compliance Training Working?

The Skillsoft Compliance Maturity Model™ - A new approach to compliance training.

Compliance Training

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