Leadership Training

Backed by the latest in brain science research, Skillsoft provides the most engaging and comprehensive content offering available to teach the business and leadership skills required in today’s digital business environment.

Skillsoft’s Business and Leadership solutions are designed for today’s digital organization and today’s modern learner, who only has 1% of the workweek available for learning.

Micro-learning is the key. All of Skillsoft’s new content offering in business skills and leadership is delivered in short, bursts of learning which take the form of 3-5 minute micro-videos embedded within 30 minute courses. The modern look and feel of Skillsoft courseware ensures a highly engaged learner, with uncompromising quality and learning outcomes.

In addition to unmatched content coverage, Skillsoft’s approach to design is unique in the marketplace. Skillsoft’s instructional design approaches and pedagogical methodologies are rigorously applied across the entire content portfolio to ensure the best learner experience, every time.

Skillsoft's Leadership Solutions are designed to support the formal, informal and continuous learning needs of an organization. They include a wide range of leadership development topics supported by diverse modalities, resulting in a flexible solution that aligns to the needs of organizations and their end-users.

Learning effectiveness is optimized through:

  1. Powerful imagery – important to recall and application on the job
  2. Balance of narration, visuals, and text- critical to solidify the learning and minimize distractions
  3. Conveyance of meaning – not just rote information transfer
  4. Conversational style – in line with how we naturally learn
  5. Outstanding production quality with good content pacing

Leadership Development Solutions

Skillsoft's flexible eLearning offerings reinforce your existing leadership training programs, increase that program impact and give first-time and frontline managers the skills they need to succeed.

Organizations must invest in their leaders to keep pace with competition and they must do so in a way that is flexible, scalable and immediately actionable. Skillsoft provides solutions that drive results and provide continuous learning for leaders at all levels of the organization, including first-time and front-line managers, mid-level managers and executives.

Our approach to leadership development takes into account the following three principles:

  1. Leadership training is required for all levels: Leaders across your organization require different types of training and development. Many managers find themselves in leadership positions before they've fully developed the essential skills necessary for meaningful contributions to the success of the organization. For the majority of front-line managers and emerging leaders, having the right skill set in place is critical to their successful job performance. Those individuals need formal learning options such as self-paced courses and interactive exercises. For the smaller population of executives, having the right mindset and strategic outlook is what they need to be successful. Short, inspiring video clips and business summaries help executives coach and build collaborative relationships across the organization.
  2. Continuous learning is required to make learning stick: At Skillsoft, we believe that leadership training is not a “one and done” event. In a world where knowledge doubles every year and skills have a half-life of 2.5 to 5 years, leaders need to constantly develop their skills. And, this development must be a continuous process embedded within the workflow of the organization. Our range of learning assets allow us to provide customers with exactly that. Whether you are looking for informal learning, performance support or a more formalized program, we have a range of assets to meet every need.
  3. Learn from the best minds in business to drive results: The Skillsoft team of seasoned experts travels the globe interviewing, collaborating and filming the greatest minds in business to tap their best ideas and deliver them to you. From leading business executives, to business best-selling authors, to the top faculty from business schools, we bring you the ideas and practices of distinguished thought leaders around the world in the form of multi-modal assets that appeal to all learner types.

Many modalities and learning resources within the Leadership Development Solutions are available in a variety of languages.

Leadership Is About Serving Your People

No matter how much great advice you give, what people remember and respond to is how you treat them.

What Makes Us Unique

Diversity of Speakers

  • CEOs and Executives
  • Best-Selling Business Authors
  • TED Speakers
  • Global Thinkers and Practitioners
  • Top Business School Faculty
  • Leading Consultants from Top Firms (including Bain and McKinsey)

Variety of Learning Formats

  • Live Event keynotes featuring the most recognized names in business and leadership
  • Story-based lessons learned from CEOs and Executives
  • Practical `how-tos' to put lessons in action immediately

7 Deadly Skills of a Leader

From effective communication to adapting to constant change, these 7 skills will make you an awesome leader! Take a look at this infographic for more details.


“Our leadership curriculum utilizes Leadership Advantage, blended with external and internal resources to provide a complete solution. Our goal was to ensure we provided superior content and an exceptional user experience. Based on our leaders’ feedback, we have managed to achieve both.”

- Vice President of Global Leadership Development, Lear Corporation

Leadership Training


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