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AMERICAS Digital Literacy: Building Expertise in Critical, Everyday Digital Activities More Info Register

Digital Literacy: Building Expertise in Critical, Everyday Digital Activities

The digital skills gap is not only real, but it's broader than we have thought - it goes beyond typical IT and DevOps skills into every day digital technologies. As new technologies are adopted across all functional areas in an organization, tasks automated, and new jobs created, more and more employees must be digital literate. Yet getting there is not always easy. New hires frequently don't have all the skills needed for success, only 11% of organizations have all the digital skills needed to succeed, and 51% of organizations don't have a strategy for managing and developing skills in a digital world.
Emily Wiese, VP Digital Skills, Product Management, Skillsoft
Date/Time: 08/29/2017 - 3 p.m. ET

15:00 PM
AMERICAS The Skillsoft Effect: 3 Metrics & 3 Practices for Showing the Business Value of eLearning More Info Register

The Skillsoft Effect: 3 Metrics & 3 Practices for Showing the Business Value of eLearning

Sometimes it feels like the hardest part of the elearning journey is getting a Talent project funded so you have the tools you need to help the workforce grow. Once you make the investment, how do you know that it's paying off so you can continue your excellent work? As the world's largest elearning provide, we've helped thousands of organizations show the value of elearning. We call this codified collection of practices and results the Skillsoft Effect. In this webinar, Laura Rexford, Director of Value Engineering will share 3 practices that have helped clients around the world get and maintain funding for elearning projects. Additionally, 3 types of metrics recommended when telling the learning value story to stakeholders.
Laura Rexford, Director, Value Engineering, Skillsoft
Date/Time: 09/06/2017 - 3 p.m. ET

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EMEA 5 Tips for Creating a Customer Centric Learning Strategy More Info Register

A self-directed and personalised learning experience is high on the agenda of most learning professionals. Despite new technologies, new content and new models of learning, we still struggle to engage and connect. So do L&D leaders put learners at the centre of their 'learner-centric' strategies? Or do we just think that we do? This webinar will draw on the latest insights from 600 L&D leaders and over 4,000 learners to explore how staff actually learn what they need do to their job and the extent to which L&D support them.
Laura Overton, CEO, Towards Maturity

EMEA 5 Tips to Rescue Your Workforce from the Digital Skills Gap with Xavier Sillon More Info Register

A key challenge facing organisations is that their training efforts are not aligned with the digital era. Most companies have yet to realise that their workers need now, more than ever, to adapt their digital skills to these rapid changes. In Europe, 47% of the workforce do not feel confident with their digital skills. The skills gap, accompanied by the fact that learners are changing their own behaviour, means L&D teams need to embrace a new era of online training: open to everyone, cloud-based, fully localised, and always up-to-date.
Xavier Sillon is General Manager and Head of Vodeclic, a Skillsoft Company

AMERICAS 5 ways learning can drive SMB performance More Info Register

Embracing learning and development as part of a competitive business strategy can yield great results for small to medium businesses. We invite you to learn how to build or revamp an L&D program that drives measurable performance, engages your employees, and evolves with your organization.
Chris Cummins, Vice-President of Inside Sales North America, Skillsoft,Pam Easton, Sales Performance and Training - Inside Sales, Skillsoft

EMEA 70:20:10 - from Courses to Campaigns with Charles Jennings More Info Register

Many organisations are using the 70:20:10 model to drive their learning strategies. In this webinar Charles Jennings will discuss practical ways that your organisation can successfully exploit 70:20:10 by extending out from delivering discrete courses into a 'campaign mind-set'.
Charles Jennings, Director, The Internet Time Alliance

AMERICAS 8 Leading Practices of Succession Management More Info Register

Many organizations don't believe their organizations are doing quite enough to address the identification and development of critical talent to step up to today's unique workforce profile and complex business challenges. Join us for a complimentary webinar. Explore the meaning of highly effective Succession Management. Hear the business value of adopting leading practices. Be encouraged to think about critical actions that can be implemented immediately to transform Succession Management
Laci Loew, Vice President and Principal Analyst Talent Management Practice, Brandon Hall Group

AMERICAS A Modern Approach to Talent Development: Where Do You Start? More Info Register

What if you could effortlessly connect people to the tools and resources that make continuous, self-directed learning and development both accessible and meaningful throughout the work day? Imagine a world where development and career discussions become meaningful and actionable, connecting people seamlessly to the learning and content they need to close skill gaps and map a personal path for progression. Come see how you can enable the Self-Developing Organization - a new workplace culture that simplifies the pursuit of organizational and individual objectives while empowering individuals, managers and leaders.
Morne Swart, Vice President, Global Product Strategy & Transformational Leader, SumTotal, A Skillsoft Company

EMEA A Smarter Way to a Smarter Workforce More Info Register

We are faced with a global market and economy that no-one could have predicted even five years ago. Growth is tantalisingly close but who will form our new workforce and how will we develop them to operate in this new world? These questions make developing a learning strategy that is tightly aligned to your organisation's strategic goals, affordable, adaptable, effective and essential.
Caroline Waters OBE

AMERICAS Advancing to Skillport 8i Session 1 More Info Register

Learn how Skillport 8i can transform your learners' experience. The session will last 30 minutes and includes a Skillport 8i demo along with information on how to start your transformation!

AMERICAS Advancing to Skillport 8i Session 2 More Info Register

Learn how Skillport 8i can transform your learners' experience. The session will last 30 minutes and includes a Skillport 8i demo along with information on how to start your transformation!

AMERICAS Advancing to Skillport 8i Session 3 More Info Register

Learn how Skillport 8i can transform your learners' experience. The session will last 30 minutes and includes a Skillport 8i demo along with information on how to start your transformation!

AMERICAS Advancing to Skillport 8i Session 4 More Info Register

Learn how Skillport 8i can transform your learners' experience. The session will last 30 minutes and includes a Skillport 8i demo along with information on how to start your transformation!

EMEA Anti-trust and competition - two sides of the story More Info Register

Join us as we look at Anti-Trust and Competition Law from two perspectives: Why should organisations put in measures to protect themselves and what are the implications 'on the ground' from an HR perspective. Alex Ktorides and Laura Livingtone from the legal firm Gordon Dadds will lead this webinar and will share some examples with the audience.
Alex Ktorides, Senior Partner, Head of Compliance, PII for the Group,Laura Livingstone, Partner, Head of Employment, Gordon Dadds

EMEA April 2017 Apprenticeship Levy: Everything you need to know More Info Register

The apprenticeship levy is a huge opportunity for organisations to create a more skilled workforce. The levy comes into force in April 2017 and will affect any business with an annual payroll in excess of £3 million. Is your organisation prepared?

You'll learn:

  • What the levy means for your organisation
  • How levy funding will work
  • An overview of the apprenticeship scheme
  • How funds are collected
  • How sub-contracting will work

Anna Shaw, Customer Success Consultant Manager, Skillsoft,Nicola Luke, Experienced HR Program Manager, Apprenticeship Levy Trailblazer

AMERICAS Are You Ready for When Millennials Take Over? More Info Register

Whether we are ready for it or not, the future of business is here. It's a future in which organizations must learn how to move faster, flatten their hierarchies, share more openly and operate more digitally. And although many of these changes are a direct result of the millennial generation shaking up today's workplaces, it's much bigger than that. This new era goes beyond generations - and requires leaders from every generation to learn new ways of working, leading and managing.
Jamie Notter,Maddie Grant

AMERICAS Ask Me Anything about ROI and Value Impact featuring Skillsoft ROI Experts More Info Register

Skillsoft ROI Experts - Laura Rexford, Katherine Fuller and Kristin Thomas

AMERICAS ATD State of the Industry More Info Register

Laurie Miller, Director of Research Services at ATD, and David Frankel, Research Specialist, will discuss benchmarking data from ATD BEST Awards Winners, and other organizations from 2006 to present. ATD estimates that U.S. organizations spent $1,208 per employee on training and development in 2013. The content from this webcast is drawn from ATD's 2014 State of the Industry report, which is sponsored by Skillsoft and The Ken Blanchard Companies.
Laurie Miller, Director of Research Services, ATD,David Frankel, Research Specialist, ATD

AMERICAS Big Impact on a Small Budget: Optimizing Leadership Development with Blended Learning More Info Register

You don't need a huge budget to deliver a learning program with a big impact. Using short videos as a foundation, Mortgage Network created a blended leadership development program that covered six topics: Expectations, Managing, Mentoring, Developing Self, Developing Others, and Empowering. The objectives were simply to learn, hear how, and find out how, using the videos as a basis for group discussions, mentor conversations, and workshops. During this webinar you will learn: * Why Mortgage Network shifted from a course-based content library to a video-based format * Tips for helping participants get the most out of the blended learning program * How to deliver tangible business impact through strategic learning alignment
Cynthia Coburn, Vice President of Secondary Market Operations, Mortgage Network,Emily Whiteman, Product Development Coordinator, Mortgage Network

EMEA Breaking through the Millennial and Generational Workforce Myths More Info Register

In this provocative, research-based presentation, acclaimed generational speaker and bestselling author Jason Dorsey will shatter generational myths. He will reveal what we as leaders need to know as truth vs. fiction and what actions to take right away. This presentation is based on Jason's groundbreaking research and workforce consulting into Gen Z, Millennials, and generational context(TM) at The Center for Generational Kinetics.
Jason Dorsey, Co-Founder, Millennials and Gen Z Expert and Researcher, The Center for Generational Kinetics

APAC Building a Learning Ecosystem More Info Register

Hear from Bill Docherty, Vice President of Product Management at SumTotal, and Gail Matthey, Solutions Architect at Skillsoft as they share key strategies that your organization can leverage in 2015 to create a learning ecosystem, unlock employee potential and cultivate a perennial source of talent.
Bill Docherty, VP of Product Management, SumTotal,Gail Matthey, Solutions Architect, Skillsoft

AMERICAS Building Blocks of a Healthy Learning Program More Info Register

Ever wondered what a healthy learning program would look like? What best practices organizations are doing to achieve success? With so much coming at us industry wide with the a moniker of "the best" it is often hard to sift through what the true best practices really are. It's also hard to determine the industry's out of the orbit hype versus the pragmatic reality of what is really being implemented on the ground. To address that curiosity with insight and to help spread the word about what works, Skillsoft developed this summary of the industry's best practices that can materialize no matter what the organization's size, budget or resource capacity. Our experience with more than 6500 clients and 20M learners in 150+ countries gives us the unique ability to sort through the clutter and provide you with greater clarity. In this one-hour webinar, you will learn the four key building blocks to learning program success and also review the benchmark statistics of Skillsoft clients with high utilization. Glean insight from Skillsoft's Global Manager of Client Engagement, Ivonne Smith, who has worked with many of Skillsoft's top organizations to help them build their top notch learning program's. Don't wait, sign up today! During this webinar you will learn: * The four key building blocks that lead to a successful learning program * The benchmark statistics of Skillsoft clients with high utilization of their learning programs * How to implement action steps to get our organization's learning program where it needs to and should be
Ivonne Smith, Global Manager of Client Engagement

AMERICAS Business Preparation: Active Shooter Violent Attacker More Info Register

Join Skillsoft as Eric Matson of Norsemen Training and Consulting Group discusses how to prepare and react to an Active Shooter or Violent Attacker incident. During this event Mr. Matson will review key elements of an emergency action plan and explain how businesses can ensure their employees are properly prepared in the event an Active Shooter or Violent Attacker situation should ever arise.
Eric Matson, President and Lead Instructor, Norsemen Training and Consulting Group and Business / Operating Partner, Windrock Shooting Range

AMERICAS Can You Increase Program Adoption by 800%? More Info Register

Attend this session led by members of Menasha Corporation and Menasha Packaging's Human Resources and Organizational Development areas to learn how to: Successfully launch a new learning program, including using branding and gathering executive support, nake learning and development part of the company culture, and engage employees in learning tools beyond the launch of a new program.
Sharon Swatscheno, Human Resources Director, Menasha Packaging Co,Amy Martin, Manager, Talent Acquisition & Talent Management, Menasha Corporation (HQ)

APAC Changing Resistance to Understanding More Info Register

In this webinar, Leslie will discuss ways to communicate and interact that engages others. How to create conditions under which individuals advance themselves under their own motivation and propel the organization in the intended positive direction with the least amount of energy lost to resistance and the struggle of power. You will learn in the one hour session: A process for building mutual understanding and shared commitment instead of perpetuating resistance and misunderstanding; Five key behaviors of communication that promote understanding and accountability; How to coach organizational leaders to deliver important messages and facilitate conversations that promote engagement.
Leslie Yerkes, President, Catalyst Consulting Group

AMERICAS Charting What's Next for Your Learning & Talent Strategy More Info Register

Better learning and talent management processes yield business results — so maturing your learning and talent strategy has become a business imperative. But to know where to focus, you need to understand your organization's current state. Skillsoft's five-stage benchmarking framework can help you assess your stage of maturity and develop a plan to advance to the next level.
Kieran King, Vice President, Global Customer Insight, Skillsoft,Brent Colescott, Director, Business Strategy & Transformation, SumTotal, A Skillsoft Company

AMERICAS Cisco CCNP Routing and Switching Changes: What do they mean for your organization? More Info Register

How will the changes in Cisco's most popular certification track, CCNP Routing and Switching, impact your organization and the individuals who use Cisco routing and switching hardware? In this webinar you will have an opportunity to learn from the person who literally wrote the book on CCNP Routing and Switching, Ray Lacoste.
Raymond Lacoste, Cisco Certified Systems Instructor (CCSI), Skillsoft,Dan Young, Cisco Certified Systems Instructor (CCSI), Skillsoft

AMERICAS Conversations in Leadership: Mark Goulston, M.D. More Info Register

This webinar - Just Listen: Tips from a Former FBI Negotiation Trainer on How to Get Through to Anyone - is a lesson in persuasion like no other. From your personal life to professional career, Goulston's insights could have a profound impact on your communication skills
Mark Goulston, M.D., Business advisor, consultant, trainer and coach trained as a clinical psychiatrist,Shawn Hunter, Executive Producer Skillsoft Leadership Development Channel, Skillsoft

AMERICAS Create an Enduring Competitive Advantage More Info Register

An organization's people are its biggest competitive advantage - however, programs designed to increase employee engagement and productivity often don't produce the desired results. Research shows this is typically due to lack of visibility into employees' capabilities. In this webinar, Stephen Nunn will show you how easy it is to uncover the capabilities and performance then tie together your talent processes - from recruiting to performance management, succession planning, and compensation. He'll demonstrate how this insight into people can then be further developed utilizing best in class integrated Learning technology. With SumTotal solutions, you can unlock and develop hidden potential in your employees and watch your business soar.
Stephen Nunn, Sumtotal Systems Inc

AMERICAS Creating a Positive Candidate and New Hire Experience Through Collaboration More Info Register

Brian Mulliner, SumTotal, a Skillsoft company,Tami Krebs, SumTotal, a Skillsoft company, Krystine Papineau, SumTotal, a Skillsoft company

AMERICAS Creating the Sweet Spot of Purpose More Info Register

Having a sense of purpose has become table stakes for many employees at work. Employees also live a life outside of work, and seek purpose in that as well. Equally important, the organization is being pressured to begin exhibiting purpose in its operating practices. If there is a positive interconnection between the three distinct definitions of purpose—personal, role and organization—the benefits should be felt by employees, teams, the organization, customers and society as a whole.
Dan Pontefract, Chief Envisioner at TELUS, a Canadian telecommunications company

AMERICAS Critical Path Demystified More Info Register

Project managers are responsible for their project's success. A project manager who has mastered scheduling techniques has a better probability of successfully meeting the project deadline. In this webinar, you'll learn how to use the critical path method, an often overlooked technique for modeling a project schedule, to manage deadlines. When done correctly, the critical path method illuminates the earliest and latest times an activity can start without delaying the due date. A project manager who is armed with these dates is empowered to make the right decisions for project success.
Emily Berry, PMP

AMERICAS Data-driven Learning & Development More Info Register

Make the most of your learning and development budget. Start with a needs analysis to understand your performance landscape and execute the most efficient and effective learning initiatives. Use evidence-based decision making to drive your organization's learning and development. In this webinar you'll learn: * The value and importance of starting with a needs analysis when making evidence-based decisions. * How to use a needs analysis to achieve greater organizational learning impact. * How to optimize your learning budget and employee learning by identifying the most effective content and resources
Suet Yin Chow, Service Delivery Manager, Skillsoft

AMERICAS Debunking Millennial Myths and Empowering the Modern Learner More Info Register

Too many organizations focus their employee development on millennials... an effort that research says has no benefit. The best practice is to apply a learning approach that addresses the needs of all five generations operating in the workforce today. In this webinar we'll: * Debunk millennial myths and discuss the reality of the modern learner * Explore how to leverage modern capabilities to reconfigure talent strategies * Show you how to position your modern workforce for future success
Jared Buckley, The Millennial Skills Coach,Kieran King, Vice President, Global Enablement, Customer Insight & Field Marketing, Skillsoft

AMERICAS Develop, Lead and Achieve Webinar Series: Total Workforce Management - 7/19 More Info Register

Join us for an informative discussion on the unique ability SumTotal has to help you achieve results with your talent using our Learning, Talent and Workforce Management solutions.
Matt Lee, Director Solution Architect and Rita Battista, Solution Architect

AMERICAS Develop Me: Creating and Marketing a Personalized Learning Academy More Info Register

Research tells us that the average worker sends and receives 110 or more emails a day. Coupled with the in-your-face selfies, up-to-the-minute tweets and "buy-this-now-or-you'll-never-survive-in-business" unsolicited phone and written requests for our time and money, connecting with our workforce meaningfully and personally has never been more important than it is today. Join us for this TrainingIndustry.com webinar, sponsored by Skillsoft, to hear Paul Scott, manager of learning and development, discuss how UT Southwestern Medical Center, an academic healthcare institution with 13,000 employees, has implemented a fully functioning campus-wide learning academy as well as developed and rolled out an ongoing personalized marketing strategy based upon efficient and effective data collection - all within 15 months.
Paul Scott, Manager of Learning and Development UT Southwestern Medical Center

AMERICAS Develop Your Talent More Info Register

Stephen Nunn, Sr. Solution Architect

AMERICAS Digital Disruption: Leadership Trends in a Disruptive World More Info Register

During this webinar moderated by Heide Abelli from Skillsoft, Dr. Tracey Wilen, global speaker and author, will discuss her research on how technology has changed society, the workplace and leadership and what advice she would give to leaders, executives, educators and employees on how to manage in a disrupted world.
Dr. Tracey Wilen, Thought Leader, Speaker,Heide Abelli, Vice President of Business Skills and Leadership, Skillsoft

APAC Direct the White Space (APAC) More Info Register

Join Taavo Godtfredsen, Vice President and Executive Producer, Skillsoft, in this leadership webinar as he shows you how the way you use white space can be the difference between success and failure. You'll learn: The difference between a development "program" and a development "process." How to direct white space to maximize effectiveness. How to create real impact on leadership development application.
Taavo Godtfredsen, Vice President and Executive Producer, Skillsoft

AMERICAS Directing the White Space More Info Register

Change leadership development from a program to a process and learn how to maximize your white space in this can't-miss webinar.
Taavo Godtfredsen, Executive Producer, Skillsoft

AMERICAS Doing the Right Things Right: How the Effective Executive Spends Time More Info Register

Is your New Year's resolution to be a more productive leader at work? Start 2016 off right with a free webinar hosted by Laura Stack, the nationally known productivity expert and the author of the new book "Doing the Right Things Right: How the Effective Executive Spends Time." Stack, known as "The Productivity Pro," will bring her engaging personality and 25 years of experience to this event, which will show leaders and managers how to achieve results at the intersection of two critical values: effectiveness and efficiency.
Laura Stack, President, The Productivity Pro, Inc.

AMERICAS Empower Your Workforce: It's Time for a New People Approach - Encourage Career Mobility More Info Register

Learn how to overcome today's challenges and expand organizational capabilities by engaging and empowering your people with these critical capabilities: Encourage Career Mobility

EMEA Empowering Employees: The role of L&D in the modern workplace More Info Register

Learning and development professionals find themselves in the midst of what is arguably the most significant period of change in how people learn. At work and at home, individuals now have unprecedented access to an ever-growing selection of learning resources. This webinar, in association with Personnel Today, looks at how L&D professionals can transform workplace learning, adapting their role to maintain their influence in the organisation as learning habits change. Watch this webinar now to find out more about: * how workplaces and learning habits are changing; * modern professional learning and the calls for change; * what it means to transform workplace learning; * doing things differently and doing different things; and * new technologies for organisational learning.
Rob Moss, Editor, Personnel Today,Jane Hart, Speaker and author, Centre for Learning and Performance Technologies

EMEA Engage for Success with David MacLeod, Chair of the Taskforce on Employee Engagement More Info Register

Employees are often considered an organisation's best asset, yet many companies fail to recognise the importance of employee engagement and well-being. In this unstable financial climate, where every penny is being counted, an employee who is satisfied with their job and excels with their workload is invaluable.
David MacLeod, Chair of the Taskforce on Employee Engagement

AMERICAS Engaging Learners through Social Networks More Info Register

Learn how your organization can benefit from successful practices in social networking. Topics include: how to implement internal social media and the value of creating user groups in your organization, how to use social media informally and how to connect Skillsoft content with your existing learning initiatives to gain traction and increase both usage and value.
Rheanna McFarland, Learning Project Manager, Humana,Theresa Butler, Learning Technology Consultant, Humana

AMERICAS Engaging the Modern Learner with Microlearning that Sticks More Info Register

Distractions are status quo in today's workplace—and they wreak havoc on learning programs, significantly impacting learner engagement and retention. On the surface, microlearning—content served up in short, easily digestible portions—seems like an appealing way to connect with time-pressed learners. But what exactly is it and how does it work? How do you ensure the content you're investing in will energize your learning program, engage users and facilitate on-the-job application? In this session, we'll review research findings on microlearning and explore best practices for using this type of content effectively to increase engagement, retention and value.
Sue Rodeman, Vice President, Product Marketing, Skillsoft

AMERICAS Enhancing the Skills of Women Leaders Using the Welch Way More Info Register

Learn how Praxair utilized the Finance for Managers Program from the Welch Way suite to develop an innovative and engaging women-only leadership development program. This program strengthened Praxair's talent pipeline and enhanced the financial knowledge and capabilities of their current and emerging women leaders. The Finance for Managers Program engaged and developed more than 80 women in over 25 countries!
Laura Garza, Executive Director, Talent Development, Praxair Inc.,Melissa Mejia, Training and Development Specialist, Praxair Inc.

AMERICAS Equip or Fail: The Why and How of Arming People Managers to Engage and Develop Employees More Info Register

We expect more of our people managers than ever before — often balancing the roles of coach, motivator and contributor. We're seeing declining engagement levels, more generations in the workplace and new employee expectations all challenging the traditional view of the manager role. These challenges are compounded by shifts in HR practices that rely on effective managers — such as evolving performance processes, the rise of career mobility and the demand for continuous development. Join us for a look at how the University of California rose to the challenge, creating and deploying targeted development programs that set out to skill and prepare over 46,000 people managers across a geographically dispersed University system — no easy feat! During this session we'll share key industry insight and trends when it comes to today's expectations for the modern manager, step through University of California's programs and challenges, and answer your questions so you walk away with actionable steps to take back into your own programs.
Tena Lyons, Vice President, Product Marketing, SumTotal, A Skillsoft Company

APAC Experience the Continuous Learning Journey with Bank of Queensland More Info Register

Join BOQ's Scott Terry, Learning and Development Manager and Leisa James, Management Development Consultant, as they share how this award-winning program encourages their workforce to embrace the Learn, Reflect and Apply continuous development journey. In this webinar, you will learn from BOQ:* How they applied the 70:20:10 approach to best practice, blended adult learning * How they deployed high impact content to their workforce all over the country to help build high performing professionals * How to break down silos across multiple businesses, functions and locations by providing a common experience for learners * How to successfully implement new learning, tools, technology, collaboration and reflection activities all at the same time!
Scott Terry, Learning and Development Manager, Bank of Queensland,Leisa James, Management Development Consultant, Bank of Queensland

AMERICAS Finding Big ROI for Skills Training at SMBs More Info Register

Do you understand the importance of employee development but have a hard time making a hard-numbers business case?In this webinar, we will put ROI of eLearning into the context of the SMB market, discussing typical ROI criteria that align to SMB needs and share case study examples of businesses driving powerful impact through eLearning.
Laura Rexford, Client Loyalty Manager, Skillsoft

AMERICAS Flipping the External and Internal Fill Rate: What Needs to Take Place More Info Register

Based on Brandon Hall Group's latest Talent Acquisition research, 17% of requisitions, on average, are filled by internal employees, and the rest of the requisitions are filled from external sources, such as from job boards, employee referrals, social media, and so forth. Time to flip that ratio! Watch this on-demand webinar to find out how.
Daria Friedman, Principal Analyst, Brandon Hall Group,Bill Docherty, SVP, Product Management, SumTotal Systems

AMERICAS Focus on More Than Just Millennials: Create an L&D Strategy to Serve the Modern Learner More Info Register

There's been a lot of hype about Millennials and the myriad ways these digital natives are changing the world. New research reveals that this generation's values and learning preferences aren't as different from those of other learners as many learning and development (L&D) pros were led to believe. Changes in technology have profoundly influenced the ways workers across generations learn and develop. To truly meet the needs of these modern learners, organizations must rethink their L&D strategies. Attend this webcast on designing learning programs that meet the needs of all your learners. We'll discuss: * shocking myths and misconceptions about Millennials and their learning preferences * characteristics of the modern learner * six elements of the modern learning formula * how the industry award-winning Capgemini University team addresses the needs of digital learners * recommendations to action.
Kieran King, Vice President, Global Customer Insight, Skillsoft,Heide Abelli, Vice President, Leadership and Business Skills, Skillsoft,Regis P. Chasse, Director of Curriculum , Capgemini Group

AMERICAS Four Things To Do Before Signing Your WFM Provider Contract More Info Register

The deployment of modern technology for workforce management (WFM)—in the cloud, automated, integrated—brings much upside. First, the employer sees demonstrable gains in productivity. Second, when the technology replaces a legacy system, the reduction in cost can be significant. Together, these benefits have a tendency to yield a healthy ROI. However, the process to find and sign with the right WFM vendor, specifically for Time and Attendance, Scheduling, and Absence Management, technology is rife with potential pitfalls. During this webinar, Brent Skinner, principal analyst at Nucleus Research, explores when employers should think about replacing their WFM technology—or deploy it for the first time. He'll also share four things employers should absolutely do before signing a WFM provider contract. A Q&A will follow.
Brent Skinner, Nucleus Research,Craig Fearon, SumTotal Systems, a Skillsoft company

EMEA From Capitalism to Talentism: How technology, social media and online education has created the Digital Enlightenment More Info Register

Cash used to be King, today Talent is King. Lucian Tarnowski will talk about how digital and social media has created a fundamental shift in the way organisations and talent communicate together. He will introduce talent engagement best practice as well as the latest trends around social learning.
Lucian Tarnowski, Founder and CEO of BraveNewTalent.com

AMERICAS Gaining Manager Support featuring Stephanie Linde, Mercy Health and Irene Cajas, TELUS International More Info Register

Don't miss this opportunity to get valuable insight from real clients on the frontline of learning adoption. You will walk away with practical tips for: * Successfully engaging managers for buy-in for learning. * Working with managers to align content to business initiatives. * Gaining managers' support in marketing and adoption. * Best practices in sharing the value of learning to ensure ongoing manager support.
Sandi Wilson, Learning, Development and HR Employee Services, Vectren Corporation,Maria Irene Cajas, Manager of Global Learning & Development, TELUS International Central America,Ivonne Smith, Global Manager, Client Engagement, Skillsoft

AMERICAS Get the C-Suite's Attention with a Learning Strategy Blueprint More Info Register

Get learning results your C-Suite will notice. Skillsoft's Learning Strategy Blueprint provides specific, targeted, research-based recommendations to align your organization's learning needs with concrete actions.
Elizabeth Brock, Solution Services Program Manager, Skillsoft

AMERICAS Getting to know your Workforce via Predictive Analytics More Info Register

Predictive analytics as applied to the workforce has mostly focused on determining when an employee might leave. However there are other uses of predictive analytics that can give insights to what will make employees more engaged, what affects their satisfaction, and how changes to policies might impact morale, for example.
Cliff Stevenson, Principal Analyst for Workforce Management at the Brandon Hall Group,Brian Gaspar, Senior Director of Product Development and Innovation at SumTotal Systems

AMERICAS Going Global: Transforming a US-Centric Development Model into a Worldwide Learning Organization More Info Register

How do you develop associates in 27 countries? Walmart's business needed a global development program with the goal of elevating finance and business skill levels across their global finance organizations. Most of their international markets had no development resources available for their finance associates, and it was becoming increasingly important to provide opportunities for growth and advancement. To provide growth opportunities, Walmart offered a blended learning approach, both eLearning and instructor-led, for functional training to all levels, to Finance associates in their native languages. The goal of the training was to build financial acumen for all associates, leveraging the eLearning portal across all areas of Walmart, regardless of functional area. To create the program, Walmart aligned objectives to key talent development priorities.
Jacob Little, Manager of Talent Development at Walmart

AMERICAS Got Compliance? Latest Global Anti-Corruption Trends More Info Register

Join us as we explore immerging risks and the latest enforcement trends in anti-corruption from around the globe. Joe D. Whitley and Doreen M. Edelman of Baker Donelson lead this webinar examining the current state of anti-corruption laws. From there, they will explain what these events mean for the future of anti-corruption regulations.
Joe D. Whitley, chair of Baker Donelson's White Collar Criminal Defense Group,Doreen M. Edelman, shareholder and co-chair of Baker Donelson's Global Business Team

APAC Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go: Cracking the Career Development Code More Info Register

Now is the time to crack the code on career development. Julie Winkle Giulioni, coauthor of Help Them Grow or Watch Them Grow: Career Conversations Employees Want, will share her findings from decades of field research. In this one hour webinar, you'll be able to: Apply a practical framework that makes career development more doable and durable. Re-set employee expectations of career development while enhancing satisfaction and engagement. Facilitate more frequent and more effective career development through a conversational model that turns ordinary moments into extraordinary coaching opportunities. Understand the role of culture and what every leader can to create a career development-friendly environment.
Julie Winkle Giulioni, coauthor of Help Them Grow or Watch Them Grow: Career Conversations Employees Want

APAC Hexaware: Redefining Learning Architecture through a Blended Approach More Info Register

Did you know that 'as much as 80% to 90% of learning takes place in the workplace, not a classroom'? As such, businesses recognizes the need to create a learning culture within the organization to provide employees with the right incentives and development opportunities in order to retain talent, improve performance and productivity. Organizations such as Hexaware have achieved success by adopting a blended approach with a combination of formal and informal learning experience.
Nirmala Gopalakrishnan, head of Global Training Operations, Hexaware Technologies Ltd.

AMERICAS Hot Topics in Compliance & Corporate Ethics More Info Register

This one hour webinar features the most pressing topics that today's employers face, including: Navigating the fine line between corporate hospitality and bribery. Leveraging the power of social media while diminishing risk of reputational damage. Steps employers should be taking to encourage the reporting of malpractice. Keeping client and business information safe. How to address competition law.
Laura Livingstone, partner at Gordon Dadds Consulting, London,Alex Ktorides, partner at Gordon Dadds Consulting, London

AMERICAS How Do I Get Started? 8 Top Elearning Questions Answered More Info Register

Join speaker Dorman Woodall for this complimentary webinar as we feature the top 8 questions you should consider to successfully incorporate eLearning into your organization's learning portfolio. We'll help you answer questions like: How does eLearning reduce costs? Should I buy or build eLearning content? Which topics should I address first? How do I ensure the success of my eLearning program?
Dorman Woodall, Solution Services Consultant, Skillsoft

APAC How to live the Orange Line: A Woman's Guide to Integrating Career, Family, and Life More Info Register

Join Kelly Watson and Jodi Detjen, co-authors of the Orange Line: A Woman's Guide to Integrating Career, Family, and Life and Managing Partners of Orange Grove Consulting to learn some real strategies to eliminate or "reframe" unconscious bias in the workplace. In this webinar, you will learn: * How to identify and test career limiting assumptions that women hold about themselves * Reframe those assumptions to open possibilities and solve problems * Understand how to change behaviors to propel women's careers forward
Jodi Detjen, Author, Professor and Thought Leader,Kelly Watson, Author and Managing Partner, Orange Grove Consulting

EMEA How to Manage People in Increasingly Demanding Times with David MacLeod More Info Register

We identify four external pressures bearing down on workplaces and at the same time four growing demands from people at work. Too often the typical responses to these pressures and demands are totally inappropriate since they lead to poorer outcomes for both the organisation and the individuals who work there. However there are a range of workplaces that have responded differently to these pressures and demands. They are managing to inspire, respect and trust their people who are in turn are offering more of their capability and potential at work, for the benefit of both the organisation and their own well-being. Join us for this complimentary webinar to learn more.
David MacLeod, Co-Chair of the Employee Engagement Task Force launched by the Prime Minister at Number 10 in 2011 and co-author of the book entitled 'The Extra Mile'

AMERICAS How to Uncover the Positive Outcomes of Harassment Training More Info Register

Norman Ford, VP, Operations – Skillsoft Compliance,Stephanie Rebmann, Compliance Learning Consultant, Skillsoft Compliance

AMERICAS How to Use Compliance to Drive eLearning Adoption - A Newalta Approach More Info Register

Join us as we talk with Irene Posyluzny, Executive Director of HR at Newalta, as she discusses how the company used compliance to lead and create a learning culture, gaining 80% adoption in four months across all four areas of their eLearning program. In this session, we'll discuss the journey Newalta took to build and grow their eLearning program and how you can identify your organizational strengths to leverage them to drive eLearning adoption.
Irene Posyluzny, Executive Director of Human Resources, Newalta

AMERICAS Ideas for Incorporating Social Learning "by design" for Learning Impact More Info Register

As organizations seek to deliver the most impactful learning prescriptions, conversations related to the right blend/mix of learning assets is top of mind. Today's learner has less time to commit to learning, but yet has more dynamic learning needs — some of which are unknown due to today's ever-changing business climate. Empowering learners with access to the right learning resources — including access to peers and individuals within the organization who possess expertise and practical experience is key to a self-developing organization. How does L&D today respond to these requirements and create or influence social learning opportunities? Come and learn about how Skillsoft's esteemed customers solved for this in creative and engaging ways. This session will help you recognize the value in incorporating social learning opportunities into your program, and will provide you with a number of tested and effective strategies that you can readily implement. It will draw on the 70/20/10 model, with a clear emphasis on how the 20 percent of social learning can positively impact both individual and face-to-face learning.
Jessica Philpott, Customer Success Consultant, Skillsoft,Kristin Shackelford, Program Manager, Skillsoft

APAC In conversation with Geraldine Coy: Brave Truth More Info Register

Brave Truth, which explores the depths of the human psyche - both the positives and the negatives - and its impact on leadership and development. Geraldine's work recognizes leaders who reinforce the status quo; will always search for a positive solution; encourages growth through delegation; drives focus; manages diversity and develops a sound platform for self-directed teams.
Geraldine Coy, International author, Executive Coach and Organisation Development Consultant

AMERICAS Inside a Workplace Accident: The "What Now?" Scenario. More Info Register

Join us for an in-depth and practical look at how employers should properly handle a workplace accident resulting in a worker injury/illness. Mike Palmer CSP, CIH, CHMM, VP of EnSafe, leads this 45-minute session examining a common accident and the circumstances leading up to the event. This webinar will address critical actions employers must take in response to a workplace accident and reporting the work-related incident to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Included is an interactive version of the Fishbone and 5 Why techniques that are featured in the webinar.
Mike Palmer, CSP, CIH, CHMM, VP of EnSafe

EMEA Interacting with Real Technologies in a Sandbox Environment — Virtual Practice Labs More Info Register

By making the relevant technologies available over the internet from a web browser, Practice Labs de-risk organisation's live systems and help improve skills at the same time. As time passed by and online IT training became more mainstream Practice Labs realised that they could provide those new to the industry with a platform to help them gain those hands on skills that are so vital. In this webinar, Ricky Doyle (Director, Practice Labs) will walk you through a 30-minute live demonstration of the Practice Labs system.
Ricky Doyle (Director, Practice Labs)

APAC Is your leadership program developing the right talent for your business? More Info Register

How do you identify a leader in the midst your organization? What are the key qualities to look out for? And what type of programs should you provide these individuals to ensure their success as a leader? Is your program providing the right training and environment for your employees to become the leaders your organization needs to lead your business into the future. This session provides the framework, knowledge and basic skills necessary for you as a leader to understand your role in identifying the high potentials managing and creating a high performing environment.
Anand Pillai

APAC IT: Moving Beyond Certification Support (ANZ) More Info Register

Technology is an important equalizer in helping businesses maintain profits while controlling cost. Additionally, many organizations now see IT as an avenue for new competitive opportunities. Organizations are attempting to rebuild 'in-house' IT skills, as this better aligns employee skills and company goals. Join us in this hour-long webinar and learn how to: Identify skills required to support your strategic goals and objectives Identify skill gaps in your organization Create a framework to develop strategies to close skill gaps including the SFIA capability framework Align learning tools to support your strategies
Jim Zimmermann, Director, Product Marketing, Skillsoft,Gail Matthey, Solutions Architect, Skillsoft

AMERICAS John Maxwell: The 5 Levels of Leadership More Info Register

A business executive. A softball coach. A classroom teacher. A volunteer coordinator. A parent. Whether you're one of these things or all of these things, one thing remains true: You are a leader.

But where are you on your leadership journey, and where do you go from here? Over John's many years of teaching about leadership, that question exists at the heart of so many leaders. Everyone wants to know where they stand and how to get to the next level.

Based on the 5 Levels of Leadership paradigm in his book, Developing the Leader Within You, and then expanded further in the book, The 5 Levels of Leadership, John will explain how leaders can understand and increase their effectiveness.

To lead well, you must embrace your need for continual improvement, and the 5 Levels provide a leadership GPS to help you with your journey. You must know where you are, to know where you're going.

The 5 Levels at a Glance:

  • Level 1: Position—Learning to lead yourself – through priorities and self-discipline
  • Level 2: Permission—People choose to follow you because they want to; giving you permission to lead them
  • Level 3: Production—Producing results - knowing how to motivate other to get things done
  • Level 4: People Development—Reproduction: Identifying, developing, and investing in future leaders
  • Level 5: Pinnacle—Transcending one's position, organization, or even industry

John C. Maxwell, New York Times Bestselling Author, Leadership Expert, Coach, and Speaker

AMERICAS L&D Industry Best Practices for Constructing a Business Case More Info Register

This webinar will describe the four critical elements of creating a business case for new learning investments or significant adjustments in your investment mix. The presenter will cover how to articulate and calculate the anticipated impact, costs and net benefits. Attendees will also receive a business case sample template. Identify the stages of business case development. Understand how to compute the payback period and pro-forma ROI. Learn the four components of a written business case document or presentation.
Kieran King, Global Director of Client Loyalty, Skillsoft

APAC Leadership is not a new skill - so why are we getting it so wrong? More Info Register

Many organisations and individuals struggle with the fact that there is no widely agreed skill set for management. There is an assumption that everyone knows how to do it. Imagine if we just gave every 17 year old a set of keys and told them to drive - our roads would be nothing short of chaotic. There are strategies that we can put into place - there are organisations across the globe that are getting it right. Join us for this complimentary webinar where we will showcase some of these strategies, examples and provide you with new ideas to lift leadership within your organisation.
Gail Matthey, Services Design and Delivery Manager - Asia Pacific, SumTotal, A Skillsoft Company

EMEA Leadership Lessons from the Top Performing Learning Organisations with Laura Overton More Info Register

Drawing on practical insights from over 4,000 L&D leaders who have taken part in the Towards Maturity Benchmark around the globe (and 20,000 active learners) Laura will explore practical lessons from the top performing learning organisations and, more importantly, how to apply them.
Laura Overton, Managing Director, Towards Maturity

AMERICAS Leadership @LLNL "The Leadership Replicator" More Info Register

With a diverse and multidisciplinary population whose priorities encompass national security, technology and innovation, and scientific computing, how do you implement leadership competencies that need to be consistent across the institution, yet flexible enough to meet the needs of the individual organizations? Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) did this by engaging with Skillsoft's Professional Services Group to map Skillsoft content to organization competencies.
Leslie Positeri, Senior Training and Development Specialist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

AMERICAS LEADing with Heart: Building Leaders for our Future More Info Register

American Heart Association has created a year-long leadership development program targeted at the Executive Director role, which is a pivotal role at AHA. LEAD was designed to accomplish the following goals for the organization around development and advancement of top talent, foster and support the culture of learning and to accelerate the performance across the organization. By improving the performance of these Executive Directors, we improve strategic execution and the likelihood of strategic success.
Katherine Neverdousky, Vice President, Human Resources and Corporate Learning & Development, American Heart Association

AMERICAS Learning Innovation for Workforce Alignment, Engagement, and Mobility - a Xerox Story More Info Register

Learning innovation isn't fashionable or fun. It's a business necessity driven by globalization, disruptive technologies, changing marketplaces and evolving workforce needs. Like most companies, Xerox relies heavily on the individual and collective expertise of our people. We enable a high impact learning culture, including workforce knowledge sharing, to achieve results aligned to our vision, values, and business direction. Xerox Learning plays a critical role in enabling global workforce alignment, individual engagement, the integration of learning with work through mobile capabilities, and ultimately business performance. This session will provide an enterprise perspective, with specific examples of Xerox innovation led by Steven Rath Morgan, Director of Global Learning Process and Innovation at Xerox.
Steven Rath Morgan, Director, Global Learning Process and Innovation, Xerox Corporation

APAC Learning is a Partnership - We're In This Together More Info

This interactive webinar with Jason Grieve, National Learning & Development Manager, People & Performance, Arthur J. Gallagher, as he shares insights, challenges and successes Arthur J. Gallagher (AJG) encountered while developing their learning program.In this one-hour webinar, you will hear: How AJG developed their vision for their learning program and overcame their challenges How to create a unique and relevant learning and development proposition that resonates with your target audience How to leverage your internal people capability and external relationships to improve your learning offering How to make learning intuitive, easy to access and aligned to the current and future needs of the business.
Jason Grieve, National Learning & Development Manager, People & Performance, Arthur J. Gallagher

AMERICAS Learning Measurement Strategy 101: Overview of Efficiency, Effectiveness and Outcomes More Info Register

You'll learn to: * Identify the key metrics in demonstrating learning efficiency, effectiveness & outcomes * Determine which metrics help you provide the most actionable insight to the business * Understand the importance of measuring scrap rate; the leading indicator of program success
Tara Tapley, Consulting Services Manager, Skillsoft,Kristin Thomas, Learning Consultant, Skillsoft

AMERICAS Learning Measurement Strategy 201: Measuring Effectiveness More Info Register

You'll learn to: * Identify the indicators of performance improvement and how to capture data to measure performance improvement * Measure application rate (learning scrap rate) efficiently
Tara Tapley, Consulting Services Manager, Skillsoft,Kristin Thomas, Learning Consultant, Skillsoft

AMERICAS Learning Measurement Strategy 301: Measuring Outcomes More Info Register

You'll learn: * When and why you should measure the impacts of certain programs * How to pinpoint the business outcome that can be measured based on the learning's intended impact * Ways to measure impact of learning * Tools available to aid in measuring learning's impact
Tara Tapley, Consulting Services Manager, Skillsoft,Kristin Thomas, Learning Consultant, Skillsoft

AMERICAS Lessons on Leadership featuring Jack Welch More Info Register

Learn from Jack's expertise culled from his 20 years as GE's top executive. Watch the discussion from Skillsoft Perspectives 2014.
Jack Welch, Executive Chairman of the Jack Welch Management Institute at Strayer University

AMERICAS Live Event Webcast: How to Build a Following Around Your Ideas More Info Register

Live Event webcasts are normally only available via a subscription, so take advantage of this opportunity to interact with peers in a worldwide audience. Register now and you'll also receive limited-time access to select online leadership assets including books, summaries and videos featuring leading experts.
Dorie Clark, marketing strategy consultant, professional speaker and frequent contributor to the Harvard Business Review, TIME, Entrepreneur and the World Economic Forum blog

AMERICAS Making Competencies Work for You: You've Built a Competency Model, Now What? More Info Register

An effective competency strategy supports short and long term organizational success because it allows for the alignment of talent/behavior with business objectives. Formal models reflect the organization's mission and values provide a common language to describe not only the KSAs (Knowledge, Skills and Abilities) for success, but often the intangible attributes that often are the qualities that "make or break" an individual's success in a specific role or with the organization in general. Informal modes are when competencies provide a language for managers (and their HR partners) to set goals and provide feedback on qualitative performance expectations which are often difficult for people leaders to articulate. At times, you may need to assist your internal stakeholder groups in how to speak the language of development and identify "informal" competency models that can be used to align learning to what's important to individual stakeholder groups. These competencies can answer the WIIFM question for decision makers and for ICs who need convincing to spend time on their development. During this workshop you will learn how to use content mappings more effectively to focus users on relevant development tools.
Janet, Toner, Product Specialist, Canadian Credit Union Association,Sarah Bosin, Senior Customer Success Consultant, Skillsoft,Katherine Murphy, Customer Success Consultant, Skillsoft

EMEA Making L&D a Success in a Small-to-Medium Enterprise More Info Register

In this webinar, Kimberley Sahi (UK Training Manager, Skillsoft) will discuss how SMEs can overcome compounding business issues and make their L&D function a success.

In this session, we will discuss:

  • How L&D differs from SMEs to larger organisations
  • Why developing existing employees is the key to getting ahead
  • The value of structured and consistent training
  • How to make L&D a win-win for employees and employers

Kimberley Sahi, UK Training Manager, Skillsoft

AMERICAS Managers Need to Lead Effective Meetings: Here's How More Info Register

Meetings are necessary for collaboration, but they can often be frustrating, unproductive and time-consuming. Leading great meetings begins with implementing the right structure rather than enacting rules for discussion or trying to change behavior.
Richard Lent, Ph.D., author of the new book "Leading Great Meetings: How to Structure Yours For Success"

AMERICAS Marketing your Training Program to a Remote Workforce More Info Register

Cutting through the noise and attracting attention to your training programs can be challenging. And when workers are remote, it's even harder. But that's exactly what a well-timed, targeted marketing campaign can do. Learn effective promotion strategies for your training programs from a North American footwear giant. Join Ashley Renzi, Sales Training and Development Manager, as she takes you through the methods New Balance uses to market their training programs and engage their employees.
Ashley Renzi, Sales Training and Development Manager, New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc.

AMERICAS Navigating FLSA Compliance to Minimize Risk More Info Register

Let experienced employment attorneys Dena Sokolow and Meghan Morgan from Baker Donelson be your guide to the FLSA overtime rule changes so you can make be most efficient in your review, analysix, preparation and employee reclassification to comply with the final rule. Learn about the key elements of the new overtime regulation, the salary threshold, bonus and incentive allowances, and automatic updates.

AMERICAS Optimizing Skillsoft's Building Blocks of Engagement, Alignment, Adoption and Value at Joy Global More Info Register

Showing value to the business and application of learning are the goals Joy Global strives for when providing learning opportunities to their employees. Learn how Joy Global has utilized Skillsoft's Business Library along with SumTotal's Enterprise Learning Management System to align training opportunities to the business through marketing Learning Packs on a regular basis and embedding Skillsoft content into their Instructor Led training programs.
Scott Farley, Director Learning & Development, Joy Global

AMERICAS Overcoming Unseen Obstacles: How to Get More Women Into Leadership Positions More Info Register

Heide Abelli, Skillsoft

AMERICAS Overworked and Overwhelmed: The Mindfulness Alternative - REBROADCAST More Info Register

Feeling overworked and overwhelmed? It's time to take charge and create your own outcomes - for you AND your teams! Join executive coach, speaker and author of Overworked and Overwhelmed: The Mindfulness Alternative (Just Released!), Scott Eblin as he outlines the simple, easy steps you can take that will have an immediate - and big - impact on your life at work, at home and in the community. So, ready to reclaim your sanity?
Scott Eblin - As an executive coach, speaker, and author

APAC Passionate Leaders More Info Register

Keith Abraham, multi-award winning author, speaker and business coach, discusses the critical components you need to lead yourself, your people and your business.
Keith Abraham, Author, Speaker and Business Coach

AMERICAS Perspectives Highlights: Skillsoft Product Update 2015: Enhancing Solutions for more Engaged Learners More Info Register

Join Tim Hildreth and Stephanie Pyle from Skillsoft's Product Management team to hear about recent product enhancements and upcoming solutions in the areas of business skills and leadership, IT, Desktop, and Compliance solutions. Tim and Stephanie will share highlights from Skillsoft's 2015 product roadmap including new content solutions, expanded mobile support, and an update on Skillport. This session was recorded at 2015 Global Skillsoft Perspectives in Orlando, FL in May.
Tim Hildreth, Vice President, Product Management, Skillsoft,Stephanie Pyle, Vice President, Product Management - Technology, Skillsoft

AMERICAS Predictive Analytics - STAT!: Insights from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center's Analytical Journey More Info Register

Learn how valuable, insightful, practical and doable predictive analysis can be for any organization, regardless of past experience.
Paul Scott, M.A., Manager, Learning and Development, UT Southwestern Medical Center,Stacey Boyle, Ph.D., Chief People Planner, Smarter People Planning,Gene Pease, Founder and CEO, Vestrics

EMEA Prepare for Modern Cyber Threats and Safeguard Your Business More Info Register

In this webinar, James Stanger, Senior Director of Products at CompTIA, will discuss the most pressing security issues that may face organisations and the new roles that IT needs to adopt in order to combat them. You will learn about: * Cybersecurity issues facing businesses today * The latest attacks - how and why they happened * Steps that businesses can take to combat security threats * The skills required to safeguard your business
James Stanger, Senior Director of Products, CompTIA

AMERICAS Project Managers Leadership Dynamics: Can you identify your power? More Info Register

In this PDU eligible webinar learn how power dynamics underlie all organizations. Understanding how to recognize and embody the different types of power is not only crucial for project managers to influence stakeholders but it is also essential for building highly performing teams. *To receive PDU's for this webinar, you must attend the entire live session. Attendance will be monitored.
Emily Berry, PMP

EMEA Putting 70:20:10 into Action with Charles Jennings More Info Register

The 70:20:10 framework is based on the principle that working adults learn extensively beyond the classroom. Most learning and development professionals understand this. The challenge comes when we need to build this 'extended learning' into our own organisations' modus operandi. In this webinar Charles Jennings will explain several ways that 70:20:10 is being used to exploit learning in the workplace. He will provide specific examples and explain how some organisations have embraced the '70' and '20' - experiential and social learning - to improve overall learning outcomes.
Charles Jennings, Duntroon Associates

APAC Re-inventing Human Resources: Intrapreneurship and how to revamp your organization inside out More Info Register

Today, organizations need entrepreneurial people. In our daily work life the internal entrepreneur (intrapreneur) embodies an attitude of personal commitment, understands the big picture, and has a passion for her work. Increasingly, professionals want much more than to just pay the bills and organizations realize that it takes enthusiastic people with a personal vision to maintain a healthy and thriving culture. To launch intrapreneurialism, leadership teams are now wondering how to "turn-on" the passion of their workforce. CEOs want and need people to embody a self-directed attitude to bring in new business, and do it because it matters to them.
Anand Pillai, Managing Director of Leadership Matters Inc., an independent board member of a few companies and a Leadership Coach and Organization Transformation consultant, a member of the World Economic Forum's Global Agenda Council on New Models of Leadership 2011

AMERICAS Reimagine Onboarding: Streamlining Your Practice Impacts More Than Employee Happiness More Info Register

Now, more than ever, onboarding is shifting from an administrative HR function to a strategic initiative to engage and retain the talent you work so hard to attract. Today, most organizations are still approaching onboarding from different directions and disconnected processes — fill out forms here, log in here — and, the rest is left to the new employee to navigate on their own Having a unified and dedicated onboarding approach not only keeps employees happy, it also delivers measurable impact throughout the business — from improved customer satisfaction to retention. Join us for a look at the key trends shaping the practice of onboarding, how it can impact your business and where you can get started.
Tena Lyons, Vice President, Product Marketing, SumTotal, A Skillsoft Company,Morné Swart Vice President, Global Product Strategy and Transformation, SumTotal, A Skillsoft Company

AMERICAS Rethink Learning: Designing Initiatives with the Brain in Mind More Info Register

The brain is a powerful tool. Create a learning program that unlocks its full potential with one of the best minds in Neuroleadership.
Dr. David Rock, Director, NeuroLeadership Institute

EMEA Rethinking Mobility and Succession for Today's Workforce More Info Register

Join David in this webinar and learn: * The impact of changing demographics * The implications for HR, Talent and L&D * How processes need to change to respond to these challenges in the UK/Europe * The role of technology
David Wilson, CEO, Fosway

AMERICAS Security Analytics: Tools of the Trade More Info Register

As attackers have learned to evade traditional signature-based solutions such as firewalls and anti-virus software, an analytics-based approach has become extremely important. Security analysts apply behavioral analytics to network traffic to improve the overall state of IT security.
Patrick Lane, Director, Products, CompTIA,Kyle Gingrich, Vice President - IT & Certifications, Skillsoft

AMERICAS Showing the Value of Learning in the Restaurant & Hospitality Industry More Info Register

Business cases in favor of investing in learning must clearly illustrate alignment of learning investments to improved efficiency, high effectiveness, and link to desired business outcomes. Conceptual alignment is not enough. Decision-makers need hard dollar estimates, forecasts, and real data to consider. In this webinar, Laura Rexford, Global Manager, Client Loyalty at Skillsoft Corporation will share insights, tried-and-true methods, and research-based facts to help answer critical questions for Talent Development leaders in the Restaurant and Hospitality industries.
Laura Rexford, Global Manager, Client Loyalty, Skillsoft

EMEA Social Analytics - Harnessing the Invisible Strength of the Organisation, with Charles Armstrong More Info Register

We all know the "org chart" on the CEO's wall doesn't really reflect how a business works. The reality is a confusing tangle of social networks and groupings that cuts across every department and office. However Social Analytic technologies are now making it possible to draw out the big picture from the swirling mass of communications and collaboration in a modern business.
Charles Armstrong, Leading Technology Entrepreneur, Founder & CEO of Trampoline Systems

AMERICAS Social Learning: Get Started More Info Register

Although it seems that social and collaborative technology tools for learning have been around for quite some time, many organizations are truly just beginning to understand how to leverage them. According to Brandon Hall Group's Social and Collaborative Learning 2014 survey, the majority of organizations are still in the emerging/developing stages of social learning. Join David Wentworth, Senior Learning Analyst with Brandon Hall Group, and Kelly Young, Learning Program Manager at Humana, as they explore where the market is (and where you are) on the social learning spectrum. They will also share Humana's journey into social and collaborative learning and what it takes to get started.
David Wentworth, Senior Learning Analyst, Brandon Hall Group,Kelly Young, Learning Program Manager, Humana

AMERICAS State of Workforce Management More Info Register

Research has shown a shift towards the democratization of data (becoming more available and transparent to all levels of an organization) and the continuing evolution of the workforce into a more mobile, flexible, project-oriented group. How will this affect core HR practices, and the way in which we measure our workforce?
Cliff Stevenson, Principal Analyst of Workforce Management at the Brandon Hall Group,Morne Swart, Vice President of Global Product Strategy and Transformational Leader at SumTotal Systems, A Skillsoft Company

AMERICAS Stay one step ahead thanks to the CrossKnowledge Leadership Development program More Info Register

During this webinar, CrossKnowledge will go over the essential skill set required to be a great leader, and the ways in which the CrossKnowledge Library will help develop tomorrow's leaders today!
Jason Hathaway, Director of Learning Solutions, CrossKnowledge

AMERICAS Steps to Delivering Learning & Development Programs People Want to Use More Info Register

Join us for a discussion centered around three simple steps your organization can take to create a learning and development program that will engage employees, and keep them coming back for more.
William (BJ) Ball, Director HR Strategy and Transformation, SumTotal Systems, LLC, a Skillsoft company

AMERICAS SumTotal Learn: Equip your people to learn at their pace and in their space More Info Register

SumTotal Learn is one of the industry's most complete learning solutions, with the flexibility to enable world-class formal training and certification programs, as well as day-to-day informal learning and knowledge sharing. All coming together in the most effective and engaging learning ecosystem - designed to increase your competitiveness, align with partners, educate your customers, and help employees be better at what they do.
Nathan Schroeder, Senior Solution Architect, SumTotal

AMERICAS SumTotal Maestro: A flexible learning solution for small to mid-sized businesses More Info Register

SumTotal Maestro's intuitive, results driven interface is easy to implement, manage and administer. And just because it's designed for small and mid-size businesses doesn't mean it's the "light version." Many enterprise-class organizations across the globe find Maestro to be the perfect fit to meet the needs of their employees and business.
Wouter Myburgh, Senior Solution Architect, SumTotal

AMERICAS SumTotal Talent: Create an enduring competitive advantage More Info Register

An organization's people are its biggest competitive advantage - however, programs designed to increase employee engagement and productivity often don't produce the desired results. Research shows this is typically due to lack of visibility into employees' capabilities and performance or HR having to spend too much time gathering and analyzing information across multiple systems instead of taking action that could have a material impact on the business.
Chuck Jones, Senior Solution Architect, SumTotal

AMERICAS Sumtotal Webinar: 3 Talent Imperatives Most Organizations are Overlooking More Info Register

Brandon Hall Group's 2016 Talent Management research revealed three talent management imperatives that most organizations are overlooking. Join us as we reveal why these strategies are critically important and provide insights into the impact these talent imperatives can have on your organization. Takeaways include: * The investments organizations need to make to gain real insights into the needs and expectations of the many different talent personas that are vital to your business. * How to transform talent management from a series of disconnected pieces to a holistic, end-to-end experience that fosters engagement, retention and great performance. * The importance, in this consumer economy, to provide employees the same types of choices to fit their needs that they are accustomed to in their personal lives.
Morné Swart Vice President, Global Product Strategy and Transformation, SumTotal, A Skillsoft Company,Cliff Stevenson, Brandon Hall Group,Claude Werder, Brandon Hall Group

EMEA Tailor Your Learning to Drive Adoption in 2017 More Info Register

One of the biggest issues L&D professionals face is driving adoption in their learning programmes. Even with the best intentions, the success or failure of a learning programme is largely determined by the buy-in of staff and management alike. In this webinar, Kimberley will discuss how L&D can create a people-focused learning programme to drive adoption. In this session, we will discuss: * How to get people to participate in a learning progamme without making it mandatory * Shifting from 'push' learning to 'pull' learning * Why tailoring your learning programme is the key to its success
Kimberley Sahi, UK Training Manager

EMEA Take Control of Your Learning and Talent Strategy in 2017 More Info Register

The Learning and Development (L&D) world is constantly changing and evolving. Many organisations struggle to keep up with the plethora of new content styles and delivery platforms that are released every year. In this webinar, Kimberley will look ahead to how L&D can progress in 2017, and how to optimise your organisation's learning strategy this year. In this session you will learn about: * 2017 Learning and Development predictions * Using Training Needs Analyses to develop your workforce * How to align your training strategy to business goals * How to effectively measure your learning strategy
Kimberley Sahi, UK Training Manager

AMERICAS Talent Development Reporting Principles: Standards for the Reporting and Management of Human Capital More Info Register

While more data and tools are available than ever before, practitioners continue to struggle with the fundamental questions of what data to collect, how to report it, and how best use it. Many talent professionals, in particular, struggle with how to create reports that show alignment and impact for their important work. Historically, the talent development field has had no agreed-upon standards to answer these questions. Talent Development Reporting Principles (TDRp) is an industry-led initiative to develop and implement internal reporting and management standards for all key human capital processes like L and D, talent acquisition, and leadership development. In short, TDRp is designed to help you plan, measure, and manage to deliver business impact for your organization.
David Vance, Executive Director at Center for Talent Reporting

APAC Talent Development Reporting Principles (TDRp): Standards for the Reporting and Management of Human Capital More Info Register

Join us to see how these new standards can help you measure, report, and manage your organization's human capital. Dave Vance, Executive Director of the nonprofit Center for Talent Reporting - will introduce the TDRp framework and discuss how it can help practitioners plan, measure, and manage to deliver business impact using a standard, yet flexible, approach which will enable you to become a valued, strategic business partner.
David Vance, Executive Director at Center for Talent Reporting

AMERICAS Teaming: How Organizations Learn, Innovate, and Compete in the Knowledge Economy More Info Register

Amy Edmondson, Professor of Leadership and Management at the Harvard Business School

AMERICAS The Culture Map: Breaking Through the Invisible Boundaries of Global Business More Info Register

Erin Meyer offers a practical and timely perspective on one of today's most pressing business issues: how do different cultures influence the way to do business when working globally? Even those who are culturally informed often have few strategies for dealing with the cross-cultural complexity that affects their team's day-to-day effectiveness. Meyer provides a new way forward with vital insights for working effectively and sensitively with one's counterparts in the new global marketplace.
Erin Meyer, professor and author of The Culture Map: Breaking Through the Invisible Boundaries of Global Business

EMEA The ECP Factor - Energy, Creativity and Performance More Info Register

Organisations are constantly looking for the extra factor that gives them excellence and competitive edge, particularly within financial constraints. It has long been accepted that people are an organisation's primary resource but do we really understand and apply what truly inspires, nourishes and fosters sustained staff satisfaction, high energy, high performance and creativity.
Lynne Sedgmore CBE, CEO of the 157 Group of FE colleges

AMERICAS The Future of HR & Talent Management More Info Register

The rules and laws that govern talent management change weekly. The world of business is changing at an incredibly fast pace. Technology is advancing, demographics are broadening and the ways people are being managed needs to follow suit. In this webinar, Jake Matthews (Online Editor at HR Grapevine) and Peter Gold (Founder of Storifyd) discuss the future of talent management in the modern workforce across four key areas of the employee lifecycle:
Jake Matthews, Online Editor at HR Grapevine,Peter Gold, Founder of Storifyd

APAC The Future of Work - Embracing Change More Info Register

Irrespective of whether you view the world of work through the lens of optimism or pessimism the future of work is uncertain. What is certain is: * The world of work is rapidly changing, many people will be affected and actions need to be taken now, to ensure that the masses have economically viable employment. Is there really an alternative? * The future of business is about generating economic viability and being socially responsible. According to the world leaders at the 2017 World Economic Forum, businesses have to take the long view and consider the outcomes for all stakeholders not just the shareholder. This includes employees. Before you have willingness to embrace the changes you have to have an understanding.
Jenny Brice, Executive Coach, Mentor and Thought Leader

AMERICAS The Genius of the And: Leveraging LMS Integration to Drive Engagement More Info Register

The Genius of the And: Leveraging Platform Integration to Drive Engagement Long description (250 words) TELUS is a leading telecommunications company in Canada providing a wide range of products and services. In 2007, TELUS' employee engagement score was 53%. After a significant investment in learning in 2013, it reached a record-high 83%, the highest engagement of any global organization of the same size and composition, according to consulting firm Aon Hewitt. This rapid increase led to TELUS' recent induction into Canada's 10 Most Admired Corporate Cultures Hall of Fame.
Benny Ramos, Sr. Career Development Consultant / Learning Technology, TELUS

AMERICAS The Inevitable Fusion of Learning & Talent: Charting Your Path More Info Register

CLO Magazine launched a series called "Learning in Talent Management" in July, stating that the future of our space would see a blend of two often separate functions - learning and talent management. Organizations that combine their learning and talent practices yield better outcomes for their organizations and a far better user experience for their employees. That's why maturing the learning and talent strategies into a more cohesive function has become a business imperative. But where do you begin? Skillsoft's five-stage benchmarking framework can help you pinpoint your current stage of maturity and develop a plan to advance to the next level.
Brent Colescott, Director, Business Strategy & Transformation, SumTotal, A Skillsoft Company,Kieran King, Vice President, Global Customer Insight, Skillsoft

APAC The Purpose Effect: Creating the Sweet Spot of Purpose More Info Register

Listen in to gain a better understanding of how purpose mindset helps individual and organizational engagement and deliver business results that improve lives and society. You'll learn how the "sweet spot is created", the relationship between one's personal role and organizational purpose, how an organization's "good DEEDS" benefit more than just customers, and the difference between a job, a career and a purpose mindset.
Dan Pontefract, Chief Envisioner, TELUS

AMERICAS The Secret to Driving eLearning Adoption: Employees Tell Their Learning Stories More Info Register

Lexmark's L&D team realized that usage of their eLearning portal had stagnated--many employees were unaware of the development opportunities available to them. To drive eLearning adoption, L&D staff worked with the employee communications department to create an integrated marketing plan based on a simple idea: Give the portal's superusers a platform to tell their learning stories. The employee-focused plan resulted in incredible growth amid a challenging business climate. In this webinar you'll learn: * How Lexmark's learning strategists partnered with corporate communications to develop a creative, people-focused marketing plan * Key replicable steps of the marketing plan promoting iLearn, Lexmark's branded learning portal * Tips for developing your own employee-focused communications plan to increase eLearning adoption within your organization
Scott Shive, Internal Communications Manager, Lexmark

AMERICAS The Why and How of Architecting a Diversity and Inclusion Strategy More Info Register

Culture, leadership and organizational design have become increasingly important concerns for HR and business leaders, all of which have brought a focus on the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Thanks to this increased attention, we now have an abundance of research that proves the measurable impact of workplace diversity — from improved innovation to stronger team performance and revenue attainment. In this program Scott Farley, director of learning and development at Joy Global, will share his experience defining and executing an all-new diversity and inclusion strategy that enhanced the firm's ability to attract, develop and retain diverse talent, and operate as a truly inclusive workplace. He'll be joined by Tena Lyons of SumTotal; they will provide tips on justifying investment, creating strategy design and suggesting practices to incorporate into your program evolution.
Scott Farley, Global Director of Learning & Development, Joy Global,Tena Lyons, Vice President, Product Marketing, SumTotal, A Skillsoft Company

APAC The World of IT Learning and a Dialog Information Technology Case Study More Info Register

Every organization is facing a talent crisis, some departments more than others. For IT specifically, the unemployment rate is below 0% and 41% of IT staff plan on seeking new employment over the next 12 months? These statistics could have drastic implications for your organization. Jim, a 40-year IT industry veteran, will discuss and share insights on the trends in the IT industry, the talent crisis facing IT, and the role that learning can play in helping to mitigate the crisis. Bronwyn Richards from Dialog Information Technology will share how an Australian private IT company is delivering IT training content to their IT consultants and helping them achieve certification using Skillsoft resources.
Jim Zimmermann, Director, IT Marketing, Skillsoft,Bronwyn Richards, Dialog Information Technology

AMERICAS Tips and Tricks for Getting Started with Elearning More Info Register

Overcoming eLearning implementation obstacles is not an easy feat. Hear how learning leaders, Michelle Baker of Finish Line and Stephanie VanGilder of Mercy, overcame obstacles and launched successful eLearning programs recently. During this webinar, you'll learn: Elearning strategies for a successful implementation, how to drive engagement and tips for getting and keeping executive/leader endorsement.
Michelle Baker, Manager, Learning & Development, Finish Line,Stephanie VanGilder, Senior Business Operations Specialist, Mercy Technology Services,Ivonne Smith, Global Manager, Client Engagement, Skillsoft

AMERICAS Training done right: Using learning strategy to support business strategy More Info Register

How can your organization identify future training needs today? How can you support business strategy using your learning strategy? Eaton Corporation will show you how with its new collaborative training method that resulted in a three-year strategic learning plan directly tied to business strategy. Listen in and learn how your organization can apply Eaton's method for success.
Casey Rasata, Sr Mgr, Corporate Learning & Development, Eaton Center,Cary Disney, Learning Technology/Americas Regional Learning Hub Manager, Eaton Corporation

AMERICAS Training Your Customers: Turning Knowledge Into Profit More Info Register

Knowledge is power-and profit! Join the webinar to discover how one of the top eCommerce platforms turned learning management into sales.
Brian Dressler, Business Systems Analyst, Magento,Bill Docherty, Vice President of Product Management, SumTotal

EMEA Transforming Talent in the Modern Workforce More Info Register

How prepared are organisations for the modern workforce? And how prepared is their talent management agenda for this fast-moving world? In this webinar, Fosway Group, Europe's #1 HR Analyst, reveals new research conducted in partnership with Skillsoft and SumTotal Systems into the changing face of talent and the modern workforce.
David Wilson, CEO, Fosway Group

AMERICAS Understanding the 5 Essential Elements of Corporate Compliance More Info Register

Today's multinational organizations must contend with an ever-changing number of compliance requirements that seem to multiply daily, from the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines to the UK Bribery Act and OECD best practices. The good news is that those requirements can be boiled down to five essential elements that -- if incorporated into a company's compliance program -- will satisfy the wide variety of law enforcement expectations and help prevent costly prosecutions. During this webinar, speaker Stephen R. Martin II will explain each of these essential elements, with special attention being paid to the element of training.
Stephen Martin, Founder and Managing Director, Baker & McKenzie Compliance Consulting (BMCC),Marc Litt, Partner, Baker & McKenzie Compliance Consulting (BMCC)

AMERICAS Understanding Training Needs for IT Professionals, It's More Than Technical More Info Register

Do you understand that being skilled in IT extends beyond technical training and what is being asked of them requires a level of soft skills that they may or may not have, but where do you begin to offer development? Organizations who invest in their IT professionals' growth beyond their technical capabilities are setting up a long term retention strategy by demonstrating commitment to those high value resources. When starting this process, it is important to think about how to assess current and future IT needs with a new lens, and then how to develop training plans that are balanced and reflective of what will be needed to set the employee and the organization up for success. So where to begin? Join this informative webcast to learn how think differently about developing a versatile IT workforce that drives results from the bullpen to the boardroom.
Kyle Gingrich, VP IT and IT Certification, Skillsoft

AMERICAS University Points: The Gamification of Training and Beyond More Info Register

Ten years ago, Fallon Health began a Learning Points program with the goals of increasing tracking of employee learning and to encourage an ongoing culture of learning. Within the past few years, we adopted the Maestro Learning solution and then added the SumTotal Talent solution - participation in this program has exploded. During 2016, our Learning Points program has been rebranded into the University Points program — building off the internal name of our integrated suite (elixHR® Platform/SumTotal Talent/Succession/Maestro). In addition to rewarding employees with points for learning, employees also gain points for completing their performance evaluation tasks on time, and for completing parts of their employee profile — information that is essential for good succession planning metrics. And, of course, the program wraps up with recognition and prizes at the end of the year! Do you have what it takes to be a University Points Guru? During this session attendees will learn: * How Fallon Health leveraged the SumTotal elixHR® Platform to increase employee engagement * How we increased employee comfort with SumTotal solutions * Best practices for encouraging continuous learning and data participation for the Succession Planning module
Jennifer Riedell, Training Consultant, Fallon Health

AMERICAS Verizon Value: When More is Actually Less (or, How to Kick The Tires) More Info Register

Learn how Verizon approached its learning needs and how its problem solving process can benefit your organization.
Chris Bentley, PMP Consultant for the Learning Technology Organization at Verizon

AMERICAS Virtual Perspectives: More with Less: Driving Strategic Impact at Joy Global More Info Register

Scott Farley, Global Director, Learning and Development, Joy Global

AMERICAS We Have a Development Plan - Now What? Strategies for a successful learning program implementation More Info Register

How do you cut through the endless noise of emails and social media to lead your talent to eLearning? Hear Paul Scott discuss how an academic healthcare institution with 13,000 employees implemented a successful, data driven campus-wide learning academy in 15 months. This program is approved for 1 recertification credit hour (general HR) toward PHR, SPHR and GPHR recertification through the HR Certification Institute. At the end of the webinar, you'll walk away with best practices for implementing and marketing your internal learning programs.
Paul Scott manages the Academy for Career Enrichment (ACE) at UT Southwestern Medical Center

EMEA Why cloud-based learning is the key to SMB success More Info Register

In this webinar, you'll discover the key factors that lead to strong adoption of eLearning in SMBs and learn how eLearning, with tangible and measurable results, can be a key player in your overall business success.

AMERICAS Why HR Should Talk to IT, and How to Do it More Info Register

HR is not becoming a more data-centric profession, it already is. But people data is still data, and the tools we use, the structure of information systems, and the policies and procedures governing proper data usage is relatively consistent regardless of type. Knowing how information is stored, processed, and secured within our organizations is necessary for modern HR professionals, and this webinar will help you understand how interacts with IT, and the best practices for people data governance.
Cliff Stevenson, Principal Analyst of Workforce Management at the Brandon Hall Group,Bill Docherty, Vice President of Product Management at SumTotal, a Skillsoft company

AMERICAS Why Women Aren't Leading Organizations and How to Fix It More Info Register

Gender equality has long been a challenge for organizations worldwide, and in spite of awareness efforts and education; a challenging environment still exists for women in the workplace. The bottom line is that while the current state isn't optimistic, there are opportunities to mitigate the issue and help level the playing field for women in leadership roles across the globe.

APAC Winning with The Welch Way More Info Register

Join us for this informative webinar and be one of the first to experience the 'Welch Way' leadership program in Asia Pacific. Find out why Jack Welch's proven, performance-driven approach to management cuts through theory and allows you and your teams to immediately put concepts into action. Here at Skillsoft, we're so convinced Welch Way works that we're running the program in-house to much success. Hear from members of our regional leadership team as they share candidly what they've learned from Welch Way and how they implement the teachings with their teams.

AMERICAS Digital Literacy: Building Expertise in Critical, Everyday Digital Activities More Info Register

Digital Literacy: Building Expertise in Critical, Everyday Digital Activities

The digital skills gap is not only real, but it's broader than we have thought - it goes beyond typical IT and DevOps skills into every day digital technologies. As new technologies are adopted across all functional areas in an organization, tasks automated, and new jobs created, more and more employees must be digital literate. Yet getting there is not always easy. New hires frequently don't have all the skills needed for success, only 11% of organizations have all the digital skills needed to succeed, and 51% of organizations don't have a strategy for managing and developing skills in a digital world.
Emily Wiese, VP Digital Skills, Product Management, Skillsoft
Date/Time: 08/29/2017 - 3 p.m. ET

AMERICAS The Skillsoft Effect: 3 Metrics & 3 Practices for Showing the Business Value of eLearning More Info Register

The Skillsoft Effect: 3 Metrics & 3 Practices for Showing the Business Value of eLearning

Sometimes it feels like the hardest part of the elearning journey is getting a Talent project funded so you have the tools you need to help the workforce grow. Once you make the investment, how do you know that it's paying off so you can continue your excellent work? As the world's largest elearning provide, we've helped thousands of organizations show the value of elearning. We call this codified collection of practices and results the Skillsoft Effect. In this webinar, Laura Rexford, Director of Value Engineering will share 3 practices that have helped clients around the world get and maintain funding for elearning projects. Additionally, 3 types of metrics recommended when telling the learning value story to stakeholders.
Laura Rexford, Director, Value Engineering, Skillsoft
Date/Time: 09/06/2017 - 3 p.m. ET

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